Provides consulting expertise in AI and HPC projects. Help fast-track system and software modernisation at every phase of the development life cycle.

  • Architecture & Systems Performance and             
  • Optimisation Code & Performance Optimisation                 
  • Porting Legacy and related project management              
  • HPC Life Cycle              
  • IT Projects for AI, HPC, Big Data Analytics, Edge Computing

Examples of recent consultancy projects undertaken.

Manufacturing: Developed a mechanical fault detection model using acoustic patterns. The model used Deep Learning techniques to classify the output of a manufacturing process by ‘listening’ to the production. Results included a speed-up of the detection process such that an analysis that formerly took one week (compute time) to complete was able to complete within 30 minutes, giving over 95% accurancy.

Healthcare: Developed a Cardiac Amyloid Load Classification model for a major hospital network in EMEA. Significant part of the effort was taken up in curating the data and taking into account protection of patient-sensitive data. Model based on transfer learning with training over multiple CPU nodes.